Tuition Information

Tuition and Fees

The Registration fee collected includes a $50 non-refundable fee for Preschool children and a $100 non- refundable fee for children enrolled in Extended Care. This fee will be applied toward the Supply Fee for the 2024-2025 school year

Preschool Only Tuition Supply Fee Aug-May
2 days 8:45a-12:45p $230 / Month $100 Toddlers & 2's
4 days 8:45a-12:45p $305 / Month $125 All Ages
PreSchool with Extended Care Tuition Supply Fee  
5 Days 7:00a-1:00P $128 / Week $125  
5 Days 8:45a-5:30P $160/ Week $150  
5 Days 7:00a-5:30P $181 / Week $150  
Please see the Application for Admission for additional Extended Care options.      

Tuition Payment Plans: by Semester, Monthly or Weekly using EFT, Zelle, Check or MoneyOrder.  Please No Cash

Additional Fees and Saving Options

▪  Families with multiple children: The first child’s tuition will be 100% with a 10% discount offered on the tuition of any additional siblings.

▪  St Paul's church member (or joining) Preschool Families will receive a 25% tuition discount according to the Preschool Tuition Covenant.(see below)

▪  New students shall pay the total month's charge if the child is enrolled prior to the 15th of the month and one-half of the month's charge if the child enters on or after the 15th of the month.

▪  The Director must be given a two-week written notice if a child is to withdraw from the program. If a child withdraws after the program begins, the parent is responsible for tuition for the entire month in which the child withdraws.

▪  A $5.00 late fee will be charged for tuition not received by the date set forth in the tuition agreement. If you need to revise your tuition fee schedule, please discuss this with the Director.

▪  A $5.00 late fee will be charged for each five minutes a child is not picked up after normal departure time. Preschool – 1:00; Extended Care – 5:30

▪  Additional fees may be charged for field trips, special projects, etc. as deemed necessary.

▪  Insufficient funds fee of $35 for checks will be charged for each incidence. The fee, as well as the amount of the original payment, must be paid in full within 4 working days of the request.

St. Paul’s Preschool Tuition Covenant

“The Lord bless you and keep you” (Numbers 6:24)

General Covenant Agreement

▪  St Paul's church member (or joining) Preschool Families that attend Sunday School and Worship Services twice a month will be given a 25% percent discount on their next month’s tuition at St. Paul’s Preschool.   

▪  Member (or joining) Preschool Families will also receive priority enrollment. 

Covenant Specifics

▪  Please tell the Preschool Office about your interest in participating in the tuition covenant.

▪  A conference will be scheduled with Pastor for specifics on becoming a member of St. Paul’s.   

▪  Families are to sign in on the Friendship Register each week to record attendance in both Worship and Sunday School.

As a congregation we are blessed in blessing you! Bless us as part of our church family!